2022 Candidate statements – Secretary


Mariàngels Duch
As European Project Manager at the European Institute of Studies on Prevention – IREFREA, I am deeply involved in research and implementation of prevention programmes to address adolescents risk behaviours and enhance the impact of prevention research and practice at community and environmental level, through the capacitation of key stakeholders and their engagement in prevention policies and strategies.

In addition, I actively participate in networks such as the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs, to enhance prevention practice among its members and the work that their organizations develop, and collaborate in the progress and consolidation of the Spanish Best Practice Portal, coordinated by the National Plan on Drugs (PNSD), promoting the incorporation of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) among programme implementers and practitioners, through presentations and trainings, to expand a competent prevention workforce at national and European level. For the past two years, I have coordinated several actions to promote the incorporation of the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) among decision-makers, opinion-makers and policy-makers (DOPs) in Spain and engage policy making with prevention science. As a result of this work, during 2022 some trainings have been conducted (some more already scheduled) for the implementation and consolidation of the EUPC at government level in three regions of Spain.

I have been a member of the EUSPR since its beginning, actively participating in the organization of several conferences as well as presenting research findings from the work developed by the IREFREA’s network. Since 2019, I have been acting as Secretary of the EUSPR Board establishing a firm working collaboration with the PNSD to consolidate the EUSPR at national level by means of developing activities, co-financed by the Spanish agency, to facilitate exchange of experiences between the European and the Spanish network, and contributing to the growth and active participation of the Spanish group at European level.

In order to increase the impact of prevention research and prevention science in society it is absolutely necessary to connect the work undertaken by researchers, practitioners and DOPs. This is a goal for the EUSPR that I firmly believe in and I will keep joining forces to work towards it.