Poster Presentations

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Day 1 – Thursday 8th December 2011

1. Students’ risk behaviors and selected dimensions of a school culture: a students’ perspective – Anna Borucka

2. The Spanish adaptation of the Strengthening Families Program: satisfaction of participants that end a mid – duration selective prevention program – Joan Amer

3. Assessing family change: Comparison of the results of the Spanish adaptation of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP) in a drug treatment plan and in a social care program – Joan Amer

4. Alcohol prototypes and drinking places: A focus group study to explore the suitability of the Prototype/Willingness Model as the basis for an intervention with young people in the UK – Emma L Davies

5. Substance use among teenagers: Individual, family, school and community correlates for lifetime use – Elisabete Santos

6. Balcova heart study – a health promotion and prevention project in turkey – G.Ergör

8. Do changing rates of adolescent substance use and sexual risk behaviour impact on associations between these behaviours? Analysis of two Scottish cohorts – Helen Sweeting

9. Long term effectiveness of behaviour change interventions in children: A systematic review and meta – analysis – J. Martin

10. A Pilot Study Investigating a Behavioural and Nutritional Intervention to Promote Healthy Habits in Young Adults – J. Martin

11. Brief Intervention For Prevention In The Group – The Polish Experience – Krzysztof Wojcieszek

12. “The Taste Of Life Debate”– A New Program For Legal Highs Use Among Students – Results Of The Formative Evaluation  – Krzysztof Wojcieszek

13. Meaningful instrumental behaviors and youth risky behaviors: Warsaw adolescent study – Krzysztof Ostaszewski

14. Non-alcoholic dance events in warsaw among students as environmental prevention impact – Kinga Wojcieszek

16.Unplugged program in Croatia – implementation and process evaluation – Martina Feric Slehan

17. The Paradox of Realism in exposing students to ex-addict – Moshe Israelashvili

21. Chosen elements of the staff culture as a background of student problem behaviours – Joanna Raduj

22. European drug prevention quality standards: Developing a common framework for effective drug prevention in the European Union – Angelina Brotherhood

Day 2 – Friday 9th December 2011

1. The correlation between smoking during pregnancy and lifestyle factors among Hungarian expectant mothers – A. Fogarasi-Grenczer

2. Neighborhood in the perception of the Warsaw middle school students – Agnieszka Pisarska

3. The preventive programmes in the town of Velika Gorica and the presentation of the Center for Children, Youth and Family Velika Gorica – Arijana Mataga Tintor

4. Measuring BAC as a preventive tool in nightlife – Amador Calafat

5. Family prevention in Europe. A review from EDDRA perspective – Lloret Irles, D.

7. Fostering sexual and reproductive rights: evaluation of a brief intervention – Ivy Fonseca de Araújo

8. Preventing dating violence: a comparative study with Brazilian adolescents – Ivy Fonseca de Araújo

9. Healthy Eco Life. Community prevention programme for primary school children – Jelena Balabanic Mavrovic

10. “Who is that in the mirror?”, prevention of eating disorders – Jelena Balabanic Mavrovic

11. A Polish adaptation of the Project Northland Efficacy of the two – year alcohol prevention program – Krzysztof Bobrowski

14. Crisis Intervention in Recreational Settings. Data From Kosmicare 2010 Process Evaluation Results – Carvalho, M.C

15. Family prevention on nightlife activities – Montse Juan

16. Focused Intervention Program 2007 – 2010 – Paula Frango

18. The impact on health of the earthquake in L’AQUILA, Italy – Vincenza Cofini

21. Cannabis use and expectancies, personality constructs, and subclinical mental health disorders: The prediction of use behaviour, dependence and associated problems – Nathan Gardner

Life skills promotion in a dating violence preventive program for Brazilian adolescents – Ivy Fonseca de Araújo