Pre-conference workshops – 15th October 2014

Please click here for more information. Workshops will run concurrently from 0930-1600. Registration from 0900.

1. Optimising behavioural interventionsthe MOST model and understanding effective prevention programme components. Convened by Prof Linda Collins and Prof Fabrizio Faggiano. Room: Aula 1

2. Economic analysis and the cost effectiveness of prevention โ€“ Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Care Interventions. Convened by Dr Claire McKenna and Ms Rita Faria. Room: Aula 2

A complimentary lunch and coffee breaks will be provided to workshop delegates.

Conference Day 1 โ€“ 16th October 2014

EUSPR Membersโ€™ Meeting

09:30 โ€“ 10:30 Board Elections

10:30 โ€“ 11:00 Coffee break and networking

11:00 โ€“ 12:15 Members Meeting

12.30 โ€“ 13.00 Conference Registration (for Membersโ€™ Meeting attendees only)

13:00 โ€“ 13:45 Complimentary lunch for Membersโ€™ Meeting attendees only.

Conference start

13:00 โ€“ 14:00 Registration

14:00 โ€“ 15:00 Opening and salutations

  • Hble. Sr. Martรญ Sansaloni (Conseller de Salut del Govern de les Illes Balears, ES)
  • Sr. Antoni Aguilรณ (Vicerector de Campus, Cooperaciรณ i Universitat Saludable, UIB, ES)
  • Sra. Sonia Moncada (Jefa del รrea de Prevenciรณn de la Delegaciรณn del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas, ES)
  • Prof Harry Sumnall (EUSPR Board President)
  • Dr Amador Calafat (President of IREFREA, ES)

15:00 โ€“ 16:30 Plenary Session 1
Chair: Rosaria Galanti; Room: Main hall

1.1 The economic and social value of prevention in policy development – Professor Kevin Fenton (Public Health England, UK)

1.2 The economics of prevention – Dr Franco Sassi (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, FR)

16:30 โ€“ 17:30 Parallel Session 1 and complimentary drinks reception

Structured poster session and complimentary drinks reception.

Room: Exhibition hall

17:30 – 18:15 Special session 1

WSIPP/Investing in Children economic model – Nick Axford; Stephanie Lee; Gretchen Bjornstad

Room: Main hall

Conference Day 2 โ€“ 17th October 2014

09:30 โ€“ 10:30 Scientific Round Table: Strategies to compare the costs and benefits of prevention? 

Main Speaker: Stephanie Lee (Washington State Institute for Public Policy, USA) and expert responses

Chair: Fabrizio Faggiano; Room: Main hall

10:30 โ€“ 11:00 Coffee break and networking

11:00 โ€“ 12:45 Parallel Sessions 2

Session 2.1: The Strengthening Families Program in the USA and EU (Room: Main hall)
Session 2.2: Cost effectiveness and economic decision making (Room: Aula 1)
Session 2.3: Methodological challenges in prevention research (Room: Aula 2)

12.45 โ€“ 14:15 Lunch.

14:15 โ€“ 16:00 Parallel Sessions 3: Society and community

Session 3.1: Families and education in prevention (Room: Main hall)
Session 3.2: Exploring Universal and Family prevention (Room: Aula 1)
Session 3.3: Understanding and responding to risk behaviours (Room: Aula 2)

16:00 โ€“ 16:30 Coffee break and networking

16:30 โ€“ 17:15 Plenary Session 2

2.1 The role of economic interests in the development of European prevention policy – Professor Peter Anderson (Maastricht University, ND)

Chair: Gregor Burkhart; Room: Main hall

17:15 – 18:15 Special session 2

Communities that Care (CTC) in Europe. Community Diagnosis and Prevention Programmes – Frederick Groeger-Roth; Harrie Jonkman; Nick Axford

Room: Main hall

20.30 Conference dinner at Restaurant Pesquero (Must be booked separately, โ‚ฌ35, not included in conference fee). Please click here for more information.


Conference Day 3 โ€“ 18th October

10:00 โ€“ 11:45 Parallel Sessions 4

Session 4.1: Open theme โ€“ health and wellbeing interventions (Room: Main hall)
Session 4.2: Supporting the use of prevention evidence in practice and policy making (Room: Aula 1)
Session 4.3: Post graduate and early career parallel session (Room: Aula 2)

11:45 โ€“ 12:15 Coffee break and networking

12:15 โ€“ 13:00 Plenary Session 3

3.1 Acceptability of Population Level Interventions – Professor Theresa Marteau (University of Cambridge, UK)

Chair: David Foxcroft; Room: Main hall

13:00 โ€“ 13:20 Poster Prize Giving, Welcome to the new EUSPR President, & Conference Close

Prof Harry Sumnall (EUSPR President, and Liverpool John Moores University, UK); Professor David Foxcroft (EUSPR President Elect, and Oxford Brookes University, UK)