Seventh EUSPR Conference Speaker Presentations

EUSPR Members and 2016 Conference attendees


Plenary Speaker Presentations

Please see below for the PDFs of the presentations from the plenary speakers.


Plenary Session 1

Developmental Approaches to Crime and Violence Prevention: Issues of Evaluation, Generalization and Differentiation – Prof Friedrich Lösel (University of Cambridge, UK; University Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE)

This talk is not available in an online format

How do we develop prevention programs and health systems in dynamic environments and in response to changes in population, through the arrival of refugees and migrants? – Prof Göran Tomson (Karolinska Institutet, SE)


Plenary 2: Scientific Roundtable – What is the role of prevention and prevention science in a changing world?

A facilitated discussion including contributions from Professor Nanna Mik-Meyer (Danish National Centre for Social Research, DK); Albert Kern (Ministry of Health, DE); Kathryn Oliver (University of Oxford, UK). Talk by Prof Nanna Mik-Meyer is below. The talks by Albert Kern and Kathryn Oliver are not available in an online format.


Plenary Session 3 – Systems Approaches to Prevention


Health system dynamics – Prof Peter Hovmand (Washington University in St. Louis)


Complex systems approaches to prevention – Prof Harry Rutter (LSHTM, UK)


Plenary Session 4: Society Lecture

Dark logic: theorising the harmful consequences of public health interventions – Prof Chris Bonell (LSHTM, UK)


Special Session Speaker Presentations

Please see below for the PDFs of the presentations from the special session speakers.


Day 1 sessions: 31st October 2016


Special Session 2 – Global perspective on Prevention Science in a Changing World

Moshe Israelashvili Petra Buchwald Amador Calafat Maria Rosaria Galanti 

Early Career Presentations 1

Aniek van Herwaarden Dijana Jerković Víctor Martínez-Loredo Sinziana Oncioiu

Day 3 sessions: 2nd November 2016


Special Session 1 – Ecosystems of prevention: examples of building local practice networks


Special Session 3 – Promoting healthy behaviours in the hospital setting; the Emp-H project


Alessandro Coppo Fabrizio Faggiano  Ylenia Sacco

Parallel Session Speaker Presentations

Please see below for the PDFs of the presentations from the parallel session speakers.


Session 2 – Day 2: 1st November 2016


2.1: Prevention systems and policy

Alessandro Coppo Gregor Burkhart (external link) Daniel Ellis Frances Gardner Frederick Groeger-Roth

2.2: Resilience and risk reduction in young people

Nicole Gridley Kurt Hahlweg Reiner Hasmann Judy Hutchings

2.3: Promoting wellbeing in a changing world

Dan Hale

2.4: Understanding health and social behaviours to inform prevention

Martha Canfield Christian Meyer Raquel Pedroso Cristiano Piccinelli

Session 3 – Day 2: 1st November 2016


3.1: Focus on supporting evidence based practice

Rachele Donini Matej Košir Jeremy Segrott

3.2: Understanding and supporting positive development in childhood

Frances Gardner Stephen Kulis Metin Özdemir Peer van der Kreeft

3.3: Improving transferability and uptake of prevention

Katja Haberecht Claudia Pischke

3.4: Early Career Presentations 2

Patty Leijten  Magdalena Kozubal Diego Garcia-Huidobro

Session 4 – Day 3: 2nd November 2016


4.1: Focus on alcohol

Axel Budde John Foster Ina Koning Harry Sumnall

4.2: Substance use in young people

Alessandro Coppo Daniel Lloret Zila van der Meer Sanchez Maximilian von Heyden

4.3: Prevention in a changing world

Larissa Maier Flavio Marsiglia Brenda A Miller

4.4: Recent developments in prevention research

Paul Montgomery