Conference and Pre-Conference Speakers/Conveners

Pre-Conference Workshops, 15th October 2014

See the following link for further details of the workshops, including convener biographies and information on the SPAN bursaries for Early Career Researchers:

Workshop 1 and 2 Details

1. Optimising behavioural interventions – the MOST model and understanding effective prevention programme components.

We are very pleased to announce that workshop 1 will be convened by:

  • Professor Linda Collins, Penn State University (USA)
  • Professor Fabrizio Faggiano, Avogadro University (IT)

2. Economic analysis and the cost effectiveness of prevention – Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Care Interventions

We are very pleased to announce that workshop 2 will be convened by:

  • Dr Claire McKenna, University of York (UK)
  • Ms Rita Faria, University of York (UK)

Conference, 16th – 18th October 2014

We are very pleased to announce that the keynote speakers for the conference are:

  • Professor Kevin Fenton (Public Health England, UK)
  • Dr Franco Sassi (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, FR)
  • Stephanie Lee (Washington State Institute for Public Policy, USA)
  • Professor Peter Anderson (Maastricht University, ND)
  • Professor Theresa Marteau (University of Cambridge, UK)

See the following link for the conference speaker biographies:

Conference Speaker Biographies