EUSPR Conference – Poster Competition Winners

We held a special guided poster session as part of Day 2 of the conference. There were prizes for the best Early Career Posters including cash prizes and one year’s free Society membership. The poster prizes were supported by the Science for Prevention Academic Network (SPAN)

The winners of the poster competition were:

1st Place
1. The impact of smoking policies on recent quitters prevalence in Italy in the last three decades (Dr Alessandro Coppo)

Università del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy
Contributing authors: Alessandro Coppo, Sandro Baldissera, Alessandro Migliardi, Valentina Minardi, Elisa Quarchioni, Gianluigi Ferrante, Fabrizio Faggiano and the PASSI Coordinating Group

2nd Place
31. A National Evaluation and Comparison of Parenting Programs: The One Year Effects (Viveca Olofsson)

Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden
Contributing authors: Viveca Olofsson & Metin Özdemir

3rd Place
17. Association between migratory process and alcohol and substance use: evidence from Brazilian immigrants in the UK (Martha Canfield)

University Of Roehampton, London, UK
Contributing authors: Martha Canfield, Dr Catherine Gilvarry, Dr Marcia Worrell


EUSPR Members and attendees of the 2013 Conference can download the poster competition winning posters and selected posters from the conference at the following link:

Poster Presentations