Discussion of prevention research priorities in the USA and Europe

Harold Perl (Chief, Prevention Research Branch, NIDA, USA) – The NIDA Prevention Portfolio

  • General overview of NIH and NIDA;
  • Review of some of the most recent and relevant findings emerging from the NIDA portfolio of prevention science;
  • Description of several specific areas of prevention research questions that NIDA expects to emphasize and support in the coming years;
  • How prevention (and drug abuse prevention in particular) fits into the ongoing and upcoming health care reform process in the USA.

Maria Moreira (EMCDDA, PT) – Prevention in EU Funding

  • Current major EU funding schemes and what they have funded/are funding;
  • How the EMCDDA is supporting the setting of the EU research priority agenda;
  • Overview of the new EU funding programme (Horizon 2020) starting January 2014, inc. opportunities for prevention research and international cooperation