Registration – 10th EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting 2019

Early bird registration deadline has been extended!

Closing date for online registration is 8 September 2019. Early-bird fees are available until 15 July 2019.

Full joining instructions will be emailed after the registration closing date. The link to our online payment and registration service (Eventbrite) is at the bottom of this page.

Registration is open to any qualified worker in a discipline relevant to prevention, including all European and international researchers, professionals, practitioners, policy makers and students.

How to Register and Pay
Brief registration instructions (full details further below)

  • Register for the conference and pay the appropriate fee in €. The Eventbrite page includes the options of paying online by credit card or being invoiced. If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer then choose the invoice option on Eventbrite and see further instructions here (opens in new tab)
  • Payment options also include EUSPR membership for 2019 and/or 2020, depending upon your current membership status.
  • If you are a student or senior/retiree, please email us with confirmation of your status before you register.
  • If you request an invoice then you can only pay by bank transfer.

Full registration information

  • Delegates can make multiple purchases per order. If purchasing multiple tickets for one participant please use the “Copy data from:” option to copy registration details from another ticket.
  • Please check back soon on how to book for our post-conference events.
  • Registrants will receive an automated email from Eventbrite which will outline their fees, registration options and pre-conference events. It will also include our bank details if you wish to pay by transfer. You will be sent a separate email (within 5 working days) to confirm your registration was successful. Delegates who join or renew their membership of the EUSPR will receive a further email to confirm their membership status.
  • Your application will not be processed unless the correct registration fee is received and/or you meet the eligibility requirements for reduced rates.

Conference Fees

The EUSPR is a not-for-profit organisation. Conference fees are used to cover the costs of convening the conference, and any surplus is used for administrative activities in the following year. Fees reflect the relative cost of holding a conference in the host city and have been kept at a minimum in order to encourage attendance from a wide variety of countries and professional backgrounds.

Joint Conference and EUSPR Membership

All registration fees will include free EUSPR membership for 2020, and there is also the option to join or renew your membership for 2019 as well when you register for the conference (if you have not done so already). Please note that you will still have to fulfill membership eligibility criteria.

Please identify the correct fee level here (i.e Level A,B,C etc.) before ordering your conference ticket, as price is based upon your country of employment, and/or student or retiree/senior status.

Main Conference

The main conference is held between 16 – 18 September 2019. Post-conference events take place on the 18 September. 

Early bird fees (available from 18 March – 15 July 2019) – Level A & B countries

  • € 170 – EUSPR Members (including 2020 membership)
  • € 255 (Level A); € 215 (Level B) – Full renewal (including 2019 and 2020 membership)
  • € 220 – Non-members of the EUSPR (including 2020 membership)

Early bird fees (available from 18 March – 15 July 2019) – Level C countries, students, retirees/seniors

  • € 75 – EUSPR Members (including 2020 membership)
  • € 105 – Full renewal (including 2019 and 2020 membership)
  • € 125 – Non-members of the EUSPR (including 2020 membership)

 Full fees (available from 16 July – 8 September 2019)

– Non-discounted fees: Level A & B countries, and non-members

  • € 195 – EUSPR Members (including 2020 membership)
  • € 280 (Level A); € 240 (Level B) – Full renewal (including 2019 and 2020 membership)
  • € 245 – Non-members of the EUSPR (including 2020 membership)

– Discounted fees: Level C countries, students, retirees/seniors

  • € 100 – EUSPR Members (including 2020 membership)
  • € 130 – Full renewal (including 2019 and 2020 membership)
  • € 150 – Non-members of the EUSPR (including 2020 membership)

Students & seniors/retirees

If you are a student with an accredited University or other Institution then please email us, before registering, a scanned copy/photo of your valid student ID so that we can confirm your eligibility for a reduced student rate. If you are a senior/retiree then please email us, before registering.

Post-conference Events

The post-conference events are held on 18 September 2019.

Social Events

There will be an optional conference meal for delegates to attend. Details will be publicised at a later date.

Visa Requests

Please allow plenty of time to request a letter to support your visa application. NB we adhere to international good practice with respect to visas in supporting colleagues to attend scientific conferences. Unfortunately, in keeping with most international conference organisers, we do get some fraudulent requests for support each year. Therefore, we hope that you understand that we will only provide a letter of support that accurately describes your participation. For example, we will state that your work has been accepted for a parallel session or that you have registered and paid your fees, but we will not write that we have specifically invited you to attend or present as that is only reserved for our keynote plenary speakers. Please also note that we will take our own steps to ascertain your prevention credentials.

If you need a travel visa to Belgium, we will be happy to issue an invitation letter to support your visa application, in accordance with good practice outlined above.
Invitation letters will only be issued once your registration and payment have been completed.
Invitation letters will be sent by e-mail.

In order to request an invitation letter, just e-mail us with the following information:

  • a good-quality scan of your passport (.pdf or image format)
  • surname/family name and given names, exactly as they appear in your passport
  • contacts: e-mail, phone number
  • affiliation/organisation: name, address, country, the position you hold/occupy, website
  • any additional information you may think is relevant to your application


Please contact us if you need to cancel your registration.

  • We cannot refund any bank charges incurred by any payments or refunds.
  • Requests received by 8th September 2019 will be refunded in full (registration fee and Eventbrite fees).
  • Requests received after 8th September 2019 will be refunded only in exceptional circumstances.

*** IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BANK CHARGES: In some cases banks may deduct a transfer fee from the instructed amount, for example if your account is not in Euro or if your country is not part of the EU. Please consider these charges when initiating a bank transfer to ensure that the correct amount enters our bank account. Therefore, if your bank account is not in Euro or if your country is not part of the EU (or you have any other reason to believe that bank charges may occur), please contact your bank to find out about applicable charges. Please note that your application will not be processed unless the correct amount is received in the Society bank account.***

Eventbrite - 10th EUSPR conference, Ghent, Belgium