2019 Candidate statements – Early Career Researcher Lead

Samuel Tomczyk
Since 2017, I support the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) and its Board as an Early Career Researcher, and as the Lead of the Early Careers Forum of the EUSPR. In this role, I was fortunate to connect with other early career preventionists but also more experienced colleagues from different professional backgrounds to foster a cross-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to prevention across Europe. From an early career standpoint, I believe that it is important to get an understanding of the systems, dynamics and processes of prevention research in Europe, and to mutually create and develop strategies towards achieving sustainable development goals in the areas of health and prevention. Personally, I perceive the role of Early Career Researcher in the EUSPR Board as a bridge between early careers‘ needs and curiosity on the one hand, and senior colleagues‘ expectations, experience, and support on the other hand.

Therefore, as a candidate for the role of Early Career Researcher in the EUSPR Board, I plan to further communication among early career preventionists and senior colleagues within the EUSPR and internationally by establishing and promoting opportunities for exchange and education, such as student or scholar exchange programs, webinars as well as meetings and workshops surrounding the annual EUSPR conference.