Plenary talks

Here are the plenary talks from our 8th Annual Conference. Please note that these have been converted into PDF, so there may be some formatting errors.

  • What are the consequences of prevention polices? – Dr Kathryn Oliver (University of Oxford, UK) Oliver
  • A fruity story of attaining and maintaining quality in an evidence-based programme – Dr Mihela Erjavec (Bangor University, UK) Erjavec
  • What is dead may never die: a case study of creating and implementing national quality policy in school prevention – Prof Michal Miovský (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) Miovsky
  • How do we support a professional culture of quality in prevention? – Prof Harry Sumnall (Liverpool John Moores University, UK) Sumnall
  • Implementation of suicide prevention in existing measures of addiction prevention – Andreas Prenn (Supro–Werkstatt für Suchtprophylaxe, AT) Prenn
  • The Austrian school-based life skill program for addiction prevention – Gerhard Gollner (kontakt+co Suchtprävention Jugendrotkreuz, AT) Gollner
  • Rethinking the dynamics of primary prevention: mobilisation, implementation, and embeddedness in open systems – Prof Carl May (University of Southampton, UK) May