EUSPR Conference Co-organiser Expression of Interest

We are seeking locations for forthcoming conferences, and to identify potential co-organisers in host countries.  If you are interested in hosting the EUSPR conference in 2015, or future years,  please complete the brief Expression of Interest:

Expression of Interest


The key expectations for a Co-Organiser are to:

  • Propose a conference location
  • Participate in planning the conference
  • Identify a conference venue, arrange the venue hire and liaise with the venue regarding room setup and catering (and ideally contribute to the cost of venue hire)
  • Promote the conference at the regional and national level
  • Identify local hotels and restaurants for delegates, including a restaurant for the social dinner

The following document briefly outlines some of the items that potential conference co-organisers may wish to consider before making a proposal. These are based on our experiences of convening past conferences and is not exhaustive.

Conference Co-Organiser Expectations


To propose your organisation as a co-organiser for a EUSPR conference (and propose a location for the conference) in 2015 or future years please complete the brief Expression of Interest at the top of the page. Please see the above ‘Conference Co-organiser Expectations’ document for details of the expectations.

Applications will be shortlisted by the EUSPR Board and the remaining applicants will be asked to provide a more detailed proposal.

Deadlines (2015 – 2017 conferences)

The deadline for applications for the 2015 conference is 12 January 2015. Shortlisting deadline: 26/01/2015. Co-organiser appointment deadline: 23/03/2015

The deadline for applications for the 2016 conference is 20 April 2015. Shortlisting deadline: 18/05/2015. Co-organiser appointment deadline: 10/08/15

The deadline for applications for the 2017 conference is 18 April 2016. Shortlisting deadline: 16/05/2016. Co-organiser appointment deadline: 08/08/16