Candidate statements – Treasurer


Name Statement
Andrew Brown – DrugScope, UK  
 Andrew Brown I have been a member of EUSPR since its creation and for the last two years it has been a privilege to be an elected member of the Supervisory Board of the EUSPR, to contribute to our debates and help establish the society. I am honoured to have been nominated again in these elections. I am a passionate advocate for prevention science in policy and practice circles in the UK, previously as the Director of Programmes for Mentor UK and now as Director of Policy, Influence and Engagement for DrugScope, the national membership organisation for the drug and alcohol sector.In the last year I have been instrumental in securing the funding for the first randomised control trial of the Good Behaviour Game in the UK, and was asked to chair the education and prevention sub-group as a member of the UK government’s Expert Panel on Novel Psychoactive Substances.I have strong expertise in both small and large scale project management which gives me skills in managing tight budgets, developing strategic alliances, people management and in trying to achieve impact for beneficiaries.  I have been fortunate to lead one European project, the EU Kinship Carers Project, and to contribute to the securing of the second phase of the Girls and Boys Plus project being led by our fellow EUSPR member, Peer van der Kreeft.  These experiences have taught me the value of co-operation at a European level, the additional value we get from sharing our learning and the different perspectives that such collaboration brings.I want to support EUSPR to take the next steps in its development, broadening the range of topics that researchers choose to present at our conferences, encouraging early career development, finding ways to sustain conversations between meetings, and continuing to welcome the dialogue between research and practice.I would welcome your support.
Peer van der Kreeft – University College Ghent, BE  
 Peer van der Kreeft I am a social educator and have been leading a prevention service at De Sleutel in Belgium for 25 years until 2011 when I was appointed as a full time lecturer/researcher at the University College Ghent. Internationally, I presided the EU Prevnet Network from 2002 – 2006, and have led the EU-DAP Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention group and the EU-DAP Faculty project for program adaptation and training of trainers. I have been involved in studies and research projects always from the practitioner’s perspective. I try to contribute to the fascinating EUSPR growth from that same point of view.

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