Candidate statements – Secretary

Name Statement
Sanela Talić – UTRIP, SL
 Talic Sanela Talić is a General-Secretary at the Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” since 2009 (full-time since January 2010) and a Head of Prevention since January 2010. Her main focus at the institute is drug addiction prevention in schools, families and community, prevention of other youth risk behaviours such as violence, self-harm, feeding disorders, lifelong learning and adult education focused on socially unprivileged target groups. She is also a project manager of some EC co-funded projects. She was already a researcher / project co-manager (part-time) at the institute in the period between 2006 and 2009. She was involved in some local surveys on substance use, and as project co-manager in some lifelong learning and adult education projects, co-funded by the European Commission. She is a National Coordinator and Master Trainer of the European drug addiction prevention program for schools “EU-Dap” (“Unplugged”) and National Coordinator of “Strengthening Families Program”. Priorities of her work are the transfer and implementation of evidence-based effective prevention programmes in Slovenia and Europe and the promotion and dissemination of existing quality standards among different target groups.

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