Editorial – ADICCIONES VOL. 26, No. 1 – 2014 (Zili Sloboda)

Reconceptualizing Drug Use Prevention Processes – Zili Sloboda


The field of drug use prevention has been advanced through a convergence of theories of human behavior, a more enhanced understanding of the factors that have been found to be associated with the onset of drug use, and more sophisticated research methodologies impacting not only study design and measurement but also data analysis. For these reasons, there is a need for a reconceptualization of the intent and function of prevention in order to refine intervention development and implementation.

This review will focus primarily on drug use prevention but the implications are clear for other prevention outcome behaviors. The concepts included in this paper are stimulated by recent advances in understanding neurobiological development and revised understanding of the interaction between individual vulnerability and environmental influences. It also draws on the concept of socialization and the role of socialization and socializing agents in any society.

Key words:  prevention, decision making, vulnerability, environmental, socialization

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