Keynote and Parallel Session Presentations

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Keynote Presentations

Keynote speaker 1: Classifying prevention: form, function and theory – David Foxcroft

Keynote speaker 2: Health promotion and disease prevention within complex systems: diet, physical activity, and obesity –  Harry Rutter

Keynote speaker 3: Evaluating the Public Health Benefits of Community-Wide Preventive Intervention – David Hawkins

Keynote speaker 4: Hierarchical Multiple Time-series Designs: The RCT for Policy Evaluation – Alex Wagenaar

Parallel Session Presentations

European Drug Prevention Quality Standards – Angelina Brotherhood

Alcohol prevention in hands of local communities. Polish system for solving alcohol‐related problems – Krzysztof Brzózka

What role can a modern negative information giving approach play in tobacco prevention? A cluster-randomized controlled trial – Anneke Bühler

Quality standards in the field of targeted prevention: Theoretical considerations and the development process – Katalin Felvinczi

INCLUSIVE: Reducing school aggression through a whole-school restorative justice intervention – Dan Hale

Substance use in popular movies Prevalence, effects on European adolescents, and opportunities for primary prevention – Reiner Hanewinkel

Could prevention interventions increase consistency in policy implemention? – Matej Košir

“Family Environmental Influences in Prevention: A study of the Strengthening Families Program 6-12 Years among US Portuguese Immigrant Families and Families in Portugal” – Cátia Magalhães

Selecting, implementing and evaluating a portfolio of evidence-based prevention programmes in Birmingham, England – Louise Morpeth

Communities that Care: Strategy for community prevention in Croatia – Miranda Novak

An integrated theory for prevention interventions – Hanno Petras

Recruitment by local practitioners to a pragmatic effectiveness trial of the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP10-14) in Wales, UK – Jeremy Segrott

Substance use of young people and delinquent behaviour – Majone Steketee