European drug prevention quality standards


The European drug prevention quality standards, developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts (Prevention Standards Partnership) with co-financing from the European Commission, provide the first European framework on high quality drug prevention. The standards outline the necessary steps in planning, implementing and evaluating drug prevention activities. Drug prevention work in line with the standards is characterised by an evidence-based approach, internal coherence, and an orientation towards both policy and the target population.


The standards have been published in the EMCDDA’s Manuals series as European drug prevention quality standards: a manual for prevention professionals. The Manual presents the standards along an eight-stage project cycle that covers: needs assessment; resource assessment; programme formulation; intervention design; management and mobilisation of resources; delivery and monitoring; final evaluations; and dissemination and improvement; as well as standards on: sustainability and funding; communication and stakeholder involvement; staff development; and ethical drug prevention. The manual was launched on 9th December 2011 at the EUSPR conference hosted by the EMCDDA in Lisbon.


More information about the standards can be found on the respective project website and the EMCDDA website.

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