Membership of the Society is open to any qualified worker in a discipline relevant to prevention, including all European and international researchers, professionals, practitioners, policy makers and students who share the Society’s aims. Although we are primarily a European Society we encourage membership from all countries, particularly those professionals who wish to develop collaborative links with European researchers.

Current EUSPR membership benefits include

  • Inclusion in the only European-wide network of prevention researchers and other experts
  • Reduced EUSPR Conference fees
  • Access to presentations from EUSPR Conferences
  • Access to the EUSPR Early Careers Forum
  • Invitations to EUSPR meetings, workshops and summer schools
  • Eligibility for election to the EUSPR Board (Regular members only)

European Public Health Association (EUPHA) affiliation benefits

EUSPR’s affiliation with the European Public Health Association, (EUPHA) has led to the following benefits for EUSPR members:

  • Access to the electronic version of the European Journal of Public Health, a bimonthly scientific journal with an impact factor of 2.516.
  • Monthly electronic EUPHA newsletter
  • EUPHA book club where you can buy books published by EUPHA’s partner (Oxford University Press) at 20% discount
  • Opportunity to join one or more of EUPHA’s 19 theme-specific sections
  • Reduced registration fee for EUPHA’s annual scientific European Public Health Conference:

Once your EUSPR membership fee has been received your contact information will be forwarded to EUPHA. Who will send you an email with your EUPHA membership details including login details for the EUPHA website where all the affiliation benefits can be accessed.

As the EUSPR develops, we hope to expand the range of benefits on offer. Membership fees will be used to cover the costs of development of the Society, particularly with regard to administration costs, development of the website, and the organisation of the annual conferences.

Membership Fees

The term of EUSPR membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each calendar year. Therefore, EUSPR membership is granted for the calendar year in which the fees are paid, additional payments will grant membership for subsequent years. If you wish your membership payment to apply to another calendar year please let us know when the payment is made (e.g. payment made in the 2017 calendar year although the member prefers to be granted membership for the 2018 calendar year).

While registration for the annual EUSPR Conference is open, there will be the option to purchase membership with your conference registration, in one payment which provides membership until the end of the following year (two years membership for the price of one). Details for new members and for members renewing their membership.

A reminder to renew membership will be sent to all members at the beginning of each calendar year. Membership fees have been determined in correspondence with a poll among potential members and they are based upon the country in which a member is employed. The fee to be paid is determined by the average academic salary in each country, adjusted for the cost of living. Accordingly, we have three membership fee levels. Membership benefits are the same across all fee levels.

  • Level A fees are currently €88 per year. Countries include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA.
  • Level B fees are currently €48 per year. Countries include: Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, and Turkey.
  • Level C fees are currently €33 per year. Countries include: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. This category also includes all other countries in non-European territories that have not been mentioned above.
  • Students from any country attending a registered institution and studying for a degree may be eligible to pay the lowest fee (Level C). Please note: Student members are not eligible to stand for election to the EUSPR Board although we have representation from our Early Career researcher group..

Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for student fees.

If your country is not listed or you are unsure at which level you should pay fees then please contact us.

How to become a Member

If you have not previously joined the EUSPR, you must:

  1. arrange a i) bank transfer or ii) an online payment by credit card of the membership fees
  2. bank transfers only: complete and submit the Membership application form

Please note that new members are subject to approval by the EUSPR Secretary who will confirm the applicant’s eligibility to join the EUSPR using the criteria outlined above. If you would prefer to have your membership application approved in advance before paying the fee, then please first complete the Membership application form.

Alternatively, while EUSPR conference registration is open, there will be the option to join the EUSPR when registering for the conference, in one payment which provides membership until the end of the following year (two calendar years membership for the price of one).

How to renew your Membership

In order to renew your membership, you must arrange payment of your membership fees, the payment should be arranged before March 31st of the calendar year, i.e. payment for membership in 2017 should be arranged before 31st March 2017. A reminder email will be sent at the beginning of each calendar year.  You do not need to resubmit your membership form.

Payment can be made via online payment by credit card or by bank transfer. Alternatively, while EUSPR conference registration is open, there is the option to join the EUSPR when registering for the conference, in one payment which provides membership until the end of the following year (two calendar years membership for the price of one).

Membership Process

1 a) Pay the Membership fees (Bank transfer)

Please arrange a bank transfer of the total fee*, in € Euro, using the following account information:

Account name: Sociedad Europea para la Investigación en Prevención
ES82 2100 0207 5202 0042 7488
CAIXABANK Oms, 51. 07003 Palma de Mallorca

Please note: The EUSPR bank account’s IBAN number is displayed with spaces for reference only, spaces cannot be used when inputting the IBAN number.

* IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BANK CHARGES: In some cases banks may deduct a transfer fee from the instructed amount, for example if your account is not in Euro or if your country is not part of the EU. Please account for these charges when initiating the bank transfer to ensure that the correct amount enters our bank account. Your bank will be able to assist you with this. Please note that your application will not be processed unless the correct amount is received in the society bank account.

Instructions for new EUSPR Members

When arranging the bank transfer to join the EUSPR, please use the following reference format (if available): Your name (first name and last name) Membership. Example: John Smith Membership

Instructions for Membership renewal

When arranging the bank transfer for membership renewal, please use the following reference format (if available): Your name (first name and last name) Renewal. Example: John Smith Renewal


1 b) Pay the Membership fees (Online payment by credit card)

Membership payments can be received via online payments through our Eventbrite ‘Live Events’ page. Select the following link to arrange a membership payment by credit card:

Online payment by credit card

While conference registration is open membership and conference registration can be purchased together in one payment.

2) Submit the Membership application form

Only new EUSPR members paying by bank transfer need to submit the membership application form. Existing members renewing their membership, or new members paying by online payment do not need to submit the membership form (new members will be asked to provide the same information via the online payment form).

Once you have transferred payment then please download and complete the membership form and email it to Joella Anupol (Email) who will inform you of successful payment and registration.

Download Membership Form OR fill the electronic form:

Membership form to the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR)

For all queries regarding payment of membership fees please contact Joella Anupol (Email).To read our privacy statement please visit the Privacy page through the main menu on the left.