EUSPR 2019 Board Election Results

A new Board was elected and announced during the 10th EUSPR Members’ Meeting held on 17th September 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. The Board will cover the term 2019-2022.  For details on the current EUSPR Board of Directors please see the following link: About the EUSPR

2019 Keynote speakers and presentations

Presentations are available below: Plenary session 1 Kristine Sørensen – Looking over or tearing down the wall: Tapping into the unleashed potential of improving health-literacy  Gerard Hastings – Of Marketing and Human Folly: Time to Change the Narrative Sofa plenary 1 Zili Sloboda – Looking Over the Wall—The Future of Prevention Science and Prevention Sofa […]

2019 EUSPR Presentation formats

EUSPR 2019 offers a range of different presentation styles.   Oral – 15 minutes long and a focus on high quality prevention research (including methodology, epidemiology, aetiology, intervention outcomes, implementation, evidence-based programmes and policy etc). Talks will be followed by a short Q&A session. Poster – Posters should be A0 size, and in portrait orientation. Hanging materials will be […]