ALICE RAP Policy Paper Series Policy Brief 2. Gambling

Gambling – two sides of the same coin: recreational activity and public health problem The ALICE RAP (Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe – Reframing Addictions Project) Policy Paper series aims to provide succinct evidence briefs for decision-makers and advocates working on key addiction-related issues. This second paper focuses on gambling. This AR policy paper […]

Strengthening Family Strategy Online Conference

From 9 to 20 December 2013. Mainstreams: 1. Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptation on Family-Based Prevention and Intervention. 2. Family Strengthening Strategy for Education, Social Services and Health Services. 3. Family Strengthening Intervention: Evidence-Based Practices. Efficacy and Effectiveness. 4. Family Strengthening Intervention. Longitudinal Studies. Deadlines and important dates: • Abstracts: September 30, 2013 • Communication of […]

Call for Papers – Environmental Interventions Targeting Drug Abuse Risk and Protective Factors

Special Issue of Drugs: Education, Prevention, and Policy Topic: Environmental Interventions Targeting Drug Abuse Risk and Protective Factors Guest Editors: Karen Friend, Kristi Pettibone, Paul Florin, and Jamie Vela Background: Illicit and prescription drug abuse, initiation and associated problems remain a critical public health issue worldwide.  The World Health Organization recently reported that at least […]

Contributions to NIGHTS 2013 is now open!

 The Nightlife Em-powerment and Well Being Implementation Project are happy to announce that the submission of contributions to NIGHTS 2013 is now officially open! NIGHTS 2013. Health, pleasure and communities, is a first International Conference derived from the “Nightlife Em-powerment and Well Being Implementation Project (NEWIP –” supported by the European Agency for Health and […]

Guidelines and recommendations for school-based prevention in Slovenia

Institute for Research and Development “Utrip” has published the guidelines and recommendations as part of the “Pilot implementation of the European prevention programme EU-Dap in a school year 2010/2011 in the Republic of Slovenia” (is financially supported by a grant from Switzerland under the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union). Download PDF for more […]