2019 Keynote speakers

Keynote speakerPresentation titleBiography
Kristine Sørensen
Looking over or tearing down the wall: Tapping into the unleashed potential of improving health-literacyAs a thought leader Kristine Sørensen is committed to advance the global scope of health literacy. Her educational background is in medicine, public health and global health diplomacy. Kristine Sørensen is the founding director of the Global Health Literacy Academy, Denmark. She is the first President of the International Health Literacy Association and Executive Chair of Health Literacy Europe. She is also a member of the World Health Organization Technical Advisory Group on Health Promotion in the SDGs. Kristine Sørensen has been a health literacy advisor to the European Commission, the European Centre of Disease Control, the European Parliament, the European Council and McKinsey and is member of the advisory boards of European Health Futures Forum, Centre for Empowering Patients and Citizens, Bridge for Health and EU funded research projects. She is editorial board member of the Journal of Health Literacy and ICT&Health International. With colleagues, Kristine Sørensen was honoured the European Health Award 2012, the International Health Literacy Award 2017 and the AHLA Global Health Literacy Award 2018.
Gjalt-Jorn Peters
Applying Prevention Science: Intervention Mapping as an Integrative FrameworkGjalt-Jorn Peters works on the intersection of behavior change, technology, and methodology and statistics. He leverages ICT to improve both behavior change research and practice. In addition to this methodological and theoretical work, his substantive research focus is nightlife-related risk behavior, such as use of alcohol and other substances, hearing protection, and sexual health. He is involved with the Dutch Celebrate Safe campaign, a national prevention effort uniting nightlife organisers and proprietors, preventions organisations, first-aid organisations, and security organisations. Within Celebrate Safe, he is responsible for the Party Panel determinant study, where every year, the determinants of another nightlife-related risk behavior are mapped, after which the results and data are made publicly available. Gjalt-Jorn works at the Dutch Open University, where he teaches statistics and methodology. He is also a co-founder of the Academy of Behavior Change, a foundation created to facilitate prevention science knowledge translation.
One of his main interests is streamlining the intervention development process to make it more accessible without resorting to oversimplification. To this end, he is involved in projects that leverage open standards to develop open source freely available tools to support different tasks within the intervention development process, such as determinant studies, selecting behavior change principles, and documenting decisions and underlying justifications.